Monday, 16 May 2011

Note to self.....

Need to renew prescriptions and purchase chemist stuff for me  and tablets, weeny girl eczema cream - not urgent has a few weeks supply but might as well collect at the same time!!!

Send out checks asap - Garage1- MOT Garage 2 - Exhaust  161 and 189 respectively
End of month  from new wages - Car tax  and credit card payments to make!!!  130 and 120+ 25

Hopefully June - sigh - Will be more financially productive. My interest free has been extended till March next year but thats not the point really.

I also need to start saving big time for a new car, save in general for savings sake, save for  car tax, mot etc etc  When I get this month out of the way I shall re calculate with new ins and outs and spares.

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  1. Ooh thats a lot on the car, but then it never ends with a car, good luck with savings, we dont have any, money always seems to go out as soon as we have any x