Monday, 16 May 2011

Mondays.....after a rather nice weekend not including the Bike disaster sigh!!!

Monday - quick post before bed.  Weekend grand - Weeny girl at party which she loved. We shopped - lidl then popped into Morrisons to be the victims of sods law - Morrisons had the cheaper bacon - ya boo sucks. No more food required till Saturday when we shall be ensconced in a caravan on the west coast of Scotland!!! Its Mums birthday on the sunday - I would like to find her a coffee cake and candles, some photos, photo frames,  a CD player for her room and some very smelly flowers - going for the sensory approach.

Biggles bought his new machine - then was a super victim of the law of sod. The following day when out for a pootle about he stopped at a junction too the weight of the bike and his calf promptly gave way causing him to put his new bike on the floor very quickly nearly dropping it - yes scratched and requires a paint job already. Bloody unlucky - he has been working with a physio on this calf muscle for ages. The muscle is knacked - third time it has happened and its really starting to restrict his life - cycling, running, motor biking, walking are all out - OK short walks are fine but pref is for more challenging type walking.  He was gutter - the bike is brand new - He wanted to buy what he feels will be his last bike from new - he works hard and dedicates his life to his job - well has done for 20 years so far so he deserves it.

Sat night weeny girl was at her other families.  We had souped up thai red curry - with extra chilli's, garlic, lime, ginger, fish sauce all  added to the shop bought paste. Fantastic it was too!!! Scoffed in front of Doctor Who with Biggles bought alcohol!!! MMMM BEER!!! - Biggles wants to go for a proper Thai meal to sample a few dishes. Ooo did I say I snaffled a maxi dress -have been waiting for one ( non vintage) in a proper size 14 - not from New look ( I find their dresses too low cut) Got one - Will post pics of dress and jacket at some point.

I spent Sunday thinking about cleaning.Was raining so the plans to re pot and plant out runner bean plants and do the hanging baskets was out leaving cleaning. Booooo  I thought and then thought some more and then put on Schindlers List DVD( I really fancied Shawshank but don't have a copy), ate biccies, cried, drank coffee, weeped, had daughter delivered to me at 4pm, watched scooby do with her, watched TV then finally started to tidy around 6pm. We had snack tea as Mme sometimes eats Sunday dinner late  and indicated to me that this had certainly been the case and as such was not hungry ( tomato.salsa, ham, cucumber, tortillas, raw carrot sticks, mayo for dipping - she loves buffet stuff - oh and grapes) I tidied and prepped for weeknight action!!!

My house is skanky - well partially now.I have decided to do a few things each night  in prep for the caravan weekend and Mums birthday.

Monday - Polish and Hoover downstairs, ironing,  clean both toilets empty all bins,  Put on washing overnight - check!!
Tuesday - Hoover upstairs, clean bathroom - ironing . washing cycle etc etc etc
Wednesday - garden -  cut grass if weather permits - runner beans and plants to be re potted asap!!! Wash downstairs floors- This hasn't been done in a long long time  tut tut tut
Thursday - Pack and prep for weekend!!!

FRUGAL CLEANING - in my house this means you clean sparingly only when you can truly justify the use of water, electricity and products- ie not often, live in your own muck for as long as you can stands it!!! hee hee

I am going to take the personal admin to work to do in lunch hour. I need to do some juggling as power of attorney for mum I have to contact tax office to let them know she is resident again.

So peeps may be away for a while - If I do anything exciting I will blog but that's my week with work pretty much planned out.

ha no progress on the  frugal money thing - cheers exhaust!!!! Gotta laugh - I have intentions...... sigh.....

Much lurve xxxx


  1. Sorry about Biggles' bike. I'm a bit of a gadget man and know how disappointing it is when new toys break almost straightaway. Never quite the same afterwards.
    Glad to know you're on the West coast of Scotland soon, I'll wave to you from the middle of the moor here on Lewis, it's possible to see the mainland most days from up there. Not that you'll see me of course, but it's the thought that counts. :-)

  2. Oh God I could have written your post!! I sit and 'think' about cleaning too!! Also - I have sooo many good intentions of saving/being frugal and something/one always comes along and buggers it up!! Sorry to hear about Biggles and his poor bike. My other half 'dropped' his bike last year and 'she' (the bike) has been in a strop ever since!!

  3. He is still very miffed. Now he thinks he should have let the bike fall on him as he would be cheaper to fix!!!

    Cleaning is def unenvironmentally friendly and should be indulged in sparingly. Yes we three cannot wait to hit the coast!!! I shall wave also - maybe form the western side of Arran!!!! You never know!!