Wednesday, 11 May 2011


grrr  Biggles soddin  silly employers yes thems the ones in blue, same as HRH Prince Williams. Well something  important  is broke which means Biggles who was staying with us this week (we have a bizarre living arrangement due an array of stuff) has been dragged off to  Scotland to be a 'manual type person or rather will be at dragged away at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning, It has really fecked with our plans and put us both in foul moods.  Hmm I think they often take the piss as he is a kind of  in their opinion a bachelor type without they feel responsibilities (not married so not counted as of any importance- military are so fecking archaic in this country. Australia so much more civilised on this point and nor do we live together kind of)  Weeny girl will be really miffed tomorrow morning as no Biggles. We have things to do and meals planned and food bought  but then again national fecking security blah de blah. Some sodding phone technician from  BT has cocked up. Hopefully back by the weekend as he has a very nice shiny new bike to pick up!!!

Ha ha have I mentioned before that the princeling would have to salute Biggles as his superior!! I find this highly amusing!!! hee hee hee (but not that we could in theory end up a the same mess event as those two peeps. Its Wag-ish enough )


  1. And I am now eating cheap biscuits as I am so miffed. Pooooooooooooo!!! June??? Probably not as there is a bike ride and july well away again! bollocks

  2. Ugh what a pain in the bum! Hope Biggles returns very quickly. Lol at the 'Princeling' having to salute him..hahahaha!!! (Little things like that really make me laugh!!)