Wednesday, 18 July 2012

And so tis nearly time...

For me to drop to four days a week.  I requested this as it makes butkiss difference financially if you consider child care, petrol etc etc and is part of my decision to stick around for another year.  Oo maybe Ill be able to spend some of Weeny's child tax credit on her for a change rather than daycare or rather afternoon care and collections and pick ups and I can drop her off at school once a week and collect her to do fun stuff with Mummy.

I can also :

Get fit, be active, study, clean ( BORING) do all the mundane things that I usually leave till its vital they need to be done, work a bit for cash ( paying tax) doings sessional work with yoof.

August 3rd I am off!!!1 Woo hoo!!!

As ever we were in bed early last night with lights off and watching TV in the dark. Tis still cold in the northern reaches given the pish weather.

I have not been near a charity shop in ages!!! I am proud but suffering withdrawal..... The ones near me are so overpriced anyway.

A summer fete or jumble or even non soggy carboot may appeal but nothing in my area. I refuse to go to the local Car boot in Amble due to the prices being silly and also the traders being professional sellers.

The sodding Dear hut is fully booked the week I am off. Typical. Though Mid week camping is a possibility if the weather gets any better.


  1. I had no regrets when I reduced my hours to spend more time with my son, I think that you too will love it x Have you made a decision yet on what to do? x

  2. I am leaning towards deferal! Due to finances and time and energy for moving and making home somewhere new. Moving again in under a year - bleurgh.

    No one is about to confirm that deferal is possible or that I will be able to realistically apply with the same chances of being accepted next year.

    Yes over summer even though its only a few Fridays I will really enjoy the time with the squeaker!