Sunday, 18 December 2011

Last christmas....... or was it the one before that.....

Taking a break from the chaos that is moving house.... am pondering my all time favourite christmasses

Hmmm in no order of prefererence - difficult to decide as they are all different.

1. Prague - Opera in Christmas day to see la traviata, nothing stops in Prague over christmas but it is very christmassy in a lower key less commercial way. Ate Carp on Christmas eve - traditional Czech meal 2004

2. Brunei - - tropical - fabulous- heat- islamic - minimal christmas! Done this one three times! Got a tan! 1993, 2006, 2009

3.  Last yeas - Weeny girls first I get CHRISTMAS - so lovely for that and a day spent in matfen Hall on Boxing day with Biggles was lovely - scrabble by an open fire getting tiddly or tiddlier on irish coffee....2010

4. Childhood ones - the bones that are a bit blurry now with mum and dad still alive and well before Dad got ill. The ill ones don't count 1972-1984ish

5.The Christmas that never was.........2007

I had planned a wonderful christmas  for myself and plan to do it one day.

As a non christmassy person and hating the commercialism I decided to escape to the Lakes with my then Labrador - booked way in  advance - cottage, books, food and dog for a week and able to explore.....peace, beauty, fires, mince pies... ahhhhh

Anyhoo found out I was pregnant and would be 38 weeks by then so a remote cottage on my own was not to be.............. one day however when I have a dog again.... I couldn't sgo so cancelled but buggered off to the Isle of Wight to catch up with my sister and family who were visiting her inlaws and got myself a lovely apartment for four nights. Poor dog couldn't come however so went into kennels.

(I couldn't bear to be with ex's family and have managed to never spend a christmas with them - to much focus on money, gluttony andd self self self. - and they have lots of outside lights at christmas....... how horrendous. Wreaths yes - but come on!  electricity - wasteful  environment never thought of, splash the cash obviously!!!

Any favourite christmases???

PS Als done one in Tunisia - last minute - not great, travelled on Christmas day, spent time drinking and smoking and checking out old and ancient ruins -  Not as islamic as I would have liked - ie they had decorations!!! bleurgh!!!


  1. My best Christmases was when I was a child. Mum and dad wanted us to open our presents in front of them so they could see our faces. Sometimes it was downstairs in the living room, and sometimes in their bedroom. I remember the excitement of it all. I don't remember any more after that.

  2. Hi Eeek (& Ilona),
    My favourite Xmas was 2000, spent with a lady friend and her brother at his house in Hawaii, in the South East of the Big Island amongst the tropical jungly bit (this was before I met BH). Spent Xmas day partying with neighbours, Boxing day went sunbathing naked on local black sand beach with a great surf and temp in the eighties. First and last time ever, sadly, but great experience! :-D

  3. My early christmases are a bit like that too Ilona - bit blurry but I remember the feeling and emotional bit.

    Hawaii - great adventures!!

    I got the Brunei SE Asia thing due to sister living there- no hotel required just flights... bliss..........

    Prague was a really cheap deal - four nights for £211 with breakfast thrown in.

    Tunisia- was a last min thing couldn't face christmas.