Tuesday, 21 August 2012

C word list so far

Christmas bargains so far.... for Weeny

Hungry Hippos type game £4
Barbie £6  Very Basic
10 Julia Donaldson Books £12 including delivery ( The author of The Gruffalo)
Felt picture thing ( £2.50)
Alien that climbs walls ( £2.00)
Early learning centre paint art thing £4
Heroes chocs £1.49

Total  so far £31.99 I think

Biggles bargains

Some stuff ha ha not saying as he drops by from time to time!

Going to get her a trampoline for the garden,  £ 100 max
New scooter ( inline one to help with the bike balance) ( Biggles has offered)
Pyjamas/clothes for next year etc etc
New Storio Cartridge to listen to or maybe two as she has her birthday in January. Some of this stuff will do for her birthday as well. Prob keep the scooter and make Biggles re think lol.  Storio cartridges are not cheap. Leap frog pad thing to read maybe...??? She has mentioned an ice cream maker but they have not so great reviews... the ones for kids that is.

Some make up stuff, jewellery bits and sweets for her stocking and thats it!

I have gone through the Argos catalogue with her and we will write a letter to Santa. If she has a strong desire for a particular thing and its not too expensive I may indulge her. Last year it was Doggie Doo - the game where you collect up the dogs doo... £18 but she was very chuffed with it. And was her fav present over all I think.

Will limit her to £200 max including birthday.


  1. I think you`ve done very well there. Those are toys my kids would have been very happy with at that age. Mine never actually got that many presents, but we used to save up for a special X-mas outing or a cinema visit.

  2. The Jump King Trampoline that they sell in Asda for £99 comes recommended by me and Lou.

  3. Sounds good. How big is it on feet?