Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I am offered a place... the ego is satisfied!!!

Yes I have been offered a place on a PGCE|. I have decided to turn it down.  Financially it would mean disaster - descent into the mire of insolvency. After yesterdays mortgage hell I feel I need to work on the debt and finances first . I will reapply in September with the hope that the house will have sold/be selling/I have paid off more debt. I have much on at the moment. My mum is coming back from OS  to live in  a care home due to Alzheimer's. she has had this for a while and was cared for by older sister - or rather in her large house OS with paid carers.  I am glad I made it though very glad - EGO is satisfied. On with the frugalling!!!!

I figure I will need an extra  £1500 to pay the shortfall on the rent/mortgage while I am at uni. Its really not feasible.

Oh well plans plans - its not long till I reapply in September! Thanks Dave!!!  I take on board your messages - move to where the work is, retrain. Ok will do that and move from my home, lower my price so that I will just be breaking even and no joy..... What is your answer Dave you appear to know it all, Can you tell me what to do next?? How do I pay a pension, plan for my future, be independent, bring up my child in a working household with the right values. I don't drink or smoke, don't so silly debt (frivalous debt - store cards, holidays, furniture etc etc) Any answers Dave??? A post card will do????

Thanks for listening Dave I know that cheesey smile mean't I could count on you!!!  Err who is this Clegg person anyway??

Oh I have to laugh....... lol

Fingers crossed.


  1. on the one hand congratulations, but so sorry you cant do it, could you defer for a year and so keep your place, without having to reapply? I understand why you cant do it, £1500 is a huge shortfall. I dont think Dave has a grip on reality! x

  2. Well, maybe we shouldn't expect them to understand how the other half lives...after all, none of them have ever been the other half and they don't live on the same planet as we do!!

  3. Thanks girls - realistically the 1500 is a conservative effort. I woud also need to move the furniture to a new house put down a deposit etc etc Will try again for next year eh! Weany girl will be starting first school in September 2012 s still have time not to mess her about too much.
    I really do need to sell and free up capital, etc Though I am sure I could cope on a maintenance grant and student loan plus child tax credit and child benefit and maintenance.

    I think all I can do really is take control of the spending lol. everything else depends on many other factors.