Saturday, 26 March 2011

Little windy spot of pennies!

I have some expenses from my  court experience - only £41 but if I add this to my pot of £39 I can afford a new divan base to be delivered all in  for £70. one of the hassles of living in the country being that you need to factor in delivery.  I am desperate for a bed base given the frame that I have is on its last legs given age, use and a bed bouncing child!!!

There is a headboard I  have my eye on  for £5 on ebay! See what happens eh- its only in Newcastle.  My freecycling attempts  to get a king size bed base or frame have failed on several  occasions and I am now getting desperate. I could go for another frame and save the space under the bed but risk developing an annoying squeak thanks to  the jumper roo weeny girl. She loves a bounce!!! They always sneak in when you are not looking !!!

Not a bad  start to the weekend!!!

I really need to get into Ebay as well. Have a car boot provisionally arranged with my chum (s) for a weekend in May so am stock piling for that. Will also do enviroclothes again  once the sister has gone through the old clothes pile!!!

A cheery Eeek off to get grubby in the garden!

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  1. Fancy blaming an overworked bed on a small child ;)