Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas and other adventures. 1- Pavlova in a gas oven.

After baking ones biscuits and brownies on 23rd having taken delivery of th enew cooker on 22nd ahh I endeavoured to make the pavlova ... ooops   Not as simple using a gas oven as a fan oven. I miss my electric fan oven. sigh

The pavlova cooked on top but not the bottowm and took forever much much longer than the 3hrs it normaly takes.  Anyway it broke up and looked as if we would be having eton mess on Christmas day. It was salvagable and using a quiche dish it looked very nice in the end.

We had our tradditional fajitas on Christmas eve before retiring .. falling into bed.

Woken up at 7:30ish which is good time.  Weeny girl very spoilt. As ever. Loved all the bits and pieces. We took our time with starter and chicken and pavlova before falling into bed again ...

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