Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Year....


Good things by month
January 2011 - Burns night with friends and weeny girls 3rd Birthday
February 2011 -  Valentines - we always do something just the two of us.
March -  New Job
April : Getting accepted onto a PGCE - ok coulnd take the place but it done the ego good!!
May - Caravan weekend with Biggles and Weeny for Mums birthday in Scotland
June - Camping in the lakes - Ullswater -  finding Nara with weeny and a boat ride
July - Summer - barbecues and the beach! alot
August - Camping in the lakes - keswick - troll hunting
September - A new term! Visiting Scotland and my sisters new home
October - A sold house and halloween and Weenh girls first day at big school
November - A lovely anniversary meal just Biggles and I
December - a new home, and a first nativity play - I couldn't go but B iggles was impressed as was weeny!

Biggles doing well and lovely as ever
Weeny girls troll hunting in the lakes and her speedings development, my mum settled in her care home

bneed to think about what I specifically want to achieve for next year and what I want to do for weeny and Biggles!

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  1. Sounds like you've had many good times, may 2012 bring many more.