Sunday, 1 January 2012

Review- the end of 2011.

Well this time last year lol or rather the year before that at the end of 2010 I still felt we had much to be grateful for. B had returned from Afghanistan safely - mentally and physically.  Though I miscarried we were still full of hope for the future.  My house was on the market and thought a reasonable sale may occur and we could plan our lives together with a few bob to cushion us.

We considered postings to Germany and all that it woudl entail!!! returnining to uni, I really did not believe that we would see another Christmas in either Northumberland or as a threesome!

neither of us would  really give two figs about the negative equity and loss of funds if  we could become a foursome.

Lol onwards and upwards eh and as I have nowt left to loose things can only really get better!!

B wants to do well at his job to contribute to his case for promotion to Wing Commander. I hope to be able to have something arranged for September - more training/return to uni etc.  Infact maybe something for Feb through OU.   But these are all consolations really - plan B's

BY next year bar losing weight and getting fitter I woudl liek to have achieved something tangible - or  be in the midst of achieving something tangible. - a qualification or something. I can' t let my self even think about plan A. It has to be put to bed.

Onwards, upwards and forwards the ascent out of the financial mire starts tomorrow lol

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