Thursday, 27 October 2011

Weeny Super Brave!!!

Weeny had her pre school injections to day. She was well prepped in advance and had seen me having bloods taken. I am not squeamish . She was fascinated watching me. So when it was her turn to get two injections she was up for the challenge!!!  I didn't realise it was two in the leg one each! Twitched after the first one then was more twitchy for the second but no tears! Nurse was experienced and quick.

Smiley afterwards, looking for the blood spot - she had a tiny one in one leg so got to dab with a cotton wool ball.  Was very proud of my little toughy!!!

Bless her. I love her so much.

Happy pills started today. Waiting for them to take the edge off things. I have taken them before and hope they kick in soon.

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  1. Hi Eeek and thanks for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower.

    Shall be back tomorrow to have a good read of your blog.

    Well done to your Weeny Girl, so brave for one so young x