Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Payday, pay gone day

pay day yesterday..... car needed some TLC to the tune of £180. Brake discs, pads etc also noticed whilst it was up that a shock is leaking adn that the tyres at the back will need replacing  next month. Sigh so thats next month's spares and saves out the window as well.

Super enforced frugal month is is then. I was hoping to get away with £250 all in including service. Service will have to wait till the end of April. End of March the above work will have to happen. sigh sigh.


Biggles is keen,. The couple are actually getting married locally. I hate weddings. B wants to pay for a sitter. I hate weddings. I may have to make an exception for B. Grrrr. Frock ordered from Ebay. Will see if it suits. I am not spending anymore than £30 on a new frock and then it will be re ebayed.. thats if..... Bloody hate weddings.


  1. I hate them too. What size are you? Sue x

  2. I've now been invited to a christening- husband's great niece born in January. Luckily it's not until July. I have a maxi dress, shrug and jewellery that I wore to my elder daughter''s PGCE graduation last July, so that's me sorted. First words to hubby were ' We don't have to stay long do we?'.Thank goodness his reply was ' No'.They may be family but we have absolutely nothing in common with any of them.

  3. Am a 12-14. ish - odd size adn depends on style lol

    oooo don't do Christening either. Bleurgh yuk boring.
    lol I know what you mean about not having to stay long. The wedding is an all day affair. Biggles will be doing the sword thing. Military officer types do this apprently- bear swords for the bride and groom to walk through. (tacky if you ask me) Will have to stay for the wedding, afternoon and evening thing and grin at the speeches and make plesant conversation. They will all have loads of dosh - both families are minted and the military types there will also have loads of dosh. last wedding I went to with B they were wearing Loboutins! them posh shoes. Ridiculous.

    There is a bit of a wag culture for officers and their partners- I make an exception for Biggles as he wears motor bike leathers and has a nice bike.