Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday doings, bargains, a dilema and a cat!

Well Sunday he refused to collect Weeny - I didn't hide it from her this time and didn't make OTT excuses but just got on with  my SUnday plans.  The house was a mess and needed a  tidy/clean frenzy!!! 

I had a wardrobe thing to assemble - cheap storage type affair. We had fun banging in the poles. I managed to sort out three bin bags of clothes - Weeny and mine to be sent to the clothing store - I cash in the few bob it makes and give it to Weeny or spend it on things for Weeny. Last time was Christmas and it really helped. Feel a bit bad about this but one day will give it all back to charity shops. Things go to charity shops however as do duvets, cushions etc etc.

Its great to be able to see the clobber again and so much easier in the morning. We hoovered, swept and done all the boring washing stuff.

Weeny made a bed adn we watched more of the Harry Potter.... there really are too many films... We had a lovely time in the house just being. So much of out time is spent  doing stuff outside of home - or working/school/daycaring.

Today while waiting for some engraving ( college sports shield)  I managed to bag some bargain new trainer for £4.99. Just what I need for Zumba ( Free at college on Mondays - college is where I work btw). My old trainers are rather old and flat and don't offer much protection anymore.   Saw a new balck jacket for £5 - warm for winterish but I passed it by now am thinking that it would be a good investment maybe I will go back.  Its black and will last till next winter and for a fiver hmmmm

Any hoo have a Wedding dilema. Have been invited as B escort to a wedding, Not sure if its day or night time yet.
1. I hate weddings
2. Will cost a fortune - outfit required- they are minted types, hotel, babysitter etc etc
3. I hate weddings
4. Not that keen on the couple either
5. I hate Weddings


1. Biggles - his friends and sometimes I need to be supportive

What is it with Weddings  and me - I really feel uncomfortable at them!   I think its the excess of stuff and the frills and the waste, the indulgence, the materialism... smaller intimate weddings  I can cope with.  Oh and having  had one wedding that I never felt comfortable at and a near miss second ( booked , dress bought, wedding rings purchased etc etc then realised it woudl be the biggest mistake of my life ) may not help.

Sigh.. it will all fall down to whether or not Biggles really wants me there.

Weeny is currently very much in love with the old cat and vice versa.  This is lovely.   very lovely. She is growing up so fast and now understands that she needs to be very gentle with Mollie old cat.



  1. I stopped making excuses to my children too, a simple explanation is best.

    I hate weddings and decline all invitations and to christneings as they are too expensive for us to go to< i think i woudl be more inclined to go if it was a more frugal relaxed affair

  2. I think the last wedding I went to was 15 years ago- hubby's brother got married and it cost a fortune then. We all needed new outfits as we didn't have any suitable clothes- we don't really ' go out'. Great big fancy wedding - 7 bridesmaids,3 pageboys, choir singing - the works. They were divorced within no time. Complete and utter waste of money.We didn't even get invited to the christening of his other brother's youngest daughter because we didn't have a big fancy do when we had our youngest christened the year before. My dad had died a few months earlier,we were still grieving, so we had her christened during the Sunday morning church service, and a small group of us went for a meal. They weren't interested in that because it didn't involve a booze up so didn't turn up. Only his Mum from his side of the family bothered to attend.

  3. Its sad when the only reason for celebrating with family is for the opportunity to get drunk. Not keen on getting drunk - kind of spoils things for me.

    Will try to avoid the wedding at all costs. If its just the evening I may make an exception. We could travel from Biggles mothers house and return after a couple of hours.

    I much prefer intimate celebrations I personally find them more real and sincere ( apols to anyone who has had large celebrations) I think your youngest Christening would have been lovely and true and real and respectful.

    My ex MIL was desp for Weeny to be christened. her son truly thought that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the story for technicolour dream coat. So clearly she was very concerned about his spiritual and moral upbringing. I refused to indulge her piss up excuse and vied for the much more low key ceremony with a few close friends oh and her.

    its awful but I;m not making excuses for him anymore. i think this way weeny will slowly get to realise what he is like rather than have a great shock later on.