Monday, 25 April 2011

Am not convinced by the queen to be...

Yes the day is nearly upon us an well thanks for the day off but not the expense. I am not a monarchist, royalist or what ever. I can see the use of the Royal Family I suppose- the charity work and such, ambassadors for the UK I get that, tourism blah de blah. I am not convinced by Kate Middleton. The supposed commoner who is marrying a prince. I don't think there is much to her really. In the grand scheme of royal pointlessness she is there with the best of them and I find her a bit transparent. I know she is compared or will be to Diana and am sure she will model herself on the charity queen of hearts thing. I just do not see anything to suggest there will be one tiny scrap of genuineness. So far what has she done? Went shopping for a living - accessorize buyer. A privileged expedition to  Chile. You know the type of expedition only for the priviledged who can afford the experience - where was the volunteering at the local youth centre, animal sanctuary, interest in children/animals/health/education.... no sorry it was just fashion she was interested in. I see no evidence of anything other than shallow type stuff. She is 28 not 21. Am not convinced she would want to take her accessories to a princes trust event, meet with the homeless, disabled children without being dragged there by William. Not sure she will be a 'natural' at having a snotty nosed baby with aids plonked in her lap or genuinely care. I think Colleen Rooney may be more genuine than queeny to be in this respect.

So far nothing more than a daily mail reader done good!!! I hope she proves me wrong. Not a fan of Diana but she was not never phased by the snotty nosed baby on the hospital ward with gruesome tubes or the child without limbs, or the dotty old granny  and she was 19 when she married and started doing the royal thing. really quite a bit younger.

What do you think??? Likey or no likey???


  1. Likey or no likey? No carey one way or t'other to be honest. All this stuff just goes over my head these days and no, I shan't be watching the wedding. I never watch daytime TV... :-)

  2. My own preference is for a constitutional monarchy, as opposed to a republic. Having worked in the local voluntary sector all my working life, I know quite a few of the royals have done a lot of great work in that area.

    But what I really like is that we are able talk like this and all have different opinions...despite Dave (and a few others I could name!), I love this country!!!

  3. And another thing, I love a good frock, so I'll be tuned in!

  4. I think I am more miffed by the fact that given that she will be a role model to so many young girls all over the world she is so far seeming to be nothing more than a royal wag.

    I really would like to find out that she has secretly supported a charity somewhere, or while at uni did some more meaningful charity work/vol work. I really do not think she constitutes like other wags something to aspire to. She is not a commoner done good, has achieved mothing out of the ordinary bar getting wed to a balding bloke who by the randomness of birth happens to be 'royal'!!! What ever that really means. Ha ha he would have to salute Biggles however which I find very funny. If by chance we ever happened to be at the same mess event I would have to leave and could not be trusted not to disolve into a full on fit and wet myself with laughter.

    I will be tuning in as weeny girl has been learning all about weddings at nursery and I have even got some patriot bits. having had a frock the idea of them give me hives and leave me cold. Prefer fancy dress or a pair of walking boots!!!