Thursday, 8 November 2012

Freecycle round up!

Have done pretty well so far.

12ft trampoline. Only needed a net and cushioning which I ebayed for £45
Tv cabinet and hifi cabinet. Cherry Oak and sturdy
Cache of bratz dolls with lots of clothes and accessories, a motor bike and toy horses Even includes boy dolls!
Lots of clothes for weeny some  5-6, 6-7. Perfect
18inch bike (Needs some work) and a pair of gym shoes for weeny.
Glasses - drinking ones

Am hoping to snaffle a chest of drawers at some point too.

Other stuff am looking for:
oil filled radiator
bamboo blind s
electric carving knife
cd player

Will post pics when I work out how to do to from my smart phone Worked it out! What a beaut!


  1. Hey, that's a canny haul you've got there! Good luck with the rest.

  2. Aye not bad at all. Especially as the Freecycle pickings are not great Morpeth/Alnwick way it being quite small and not always worth travelling to fetch stuff. Forgot to add I got another christmas tree as well. One of mine is getting a bit spartan. We have two. Silly I know but Weeny likes to decorate her own one.