Thursday, 8 November 2012

A jolly good day with a wee puff of smoke!

Apart from my lap top going to techno heaven. Boo. it was Biggles old one and had done time in a war zone so  fair dues. RIP Lappy. Thats the wee puff of smoke.

Will sort something out. I have Weeny Girls PC which is my old standalone. Creaking and crumbling and slow as it is.

Had the IVF appointment today. We had pretty much decided no. As it turns out the lovely doc agrees. I am good at conception all things considered he said. 7 times up the stick. in ten years. He suggested that I may have been pg more but had not known and may have a low progesterone issue which hinders implantation. He feels that IVF is not useful as I can do that bit albeit it getting slower at it these days. Combined with the law of diminishing return and 39 year old eggs things are not so hot. However as we will not be using contraception he has supplied me with lovely progesterone suppositories lol lol lol  TMI??? Am to use these if I think there is a good chance of doing the deed and hitting the jackpot!  ha ha not easy when you are restricted to weekends only but possible as we have found out.

There are lots of expensive treatments if you choose to do IVF and are a recurrent M/Cer but the drugs don't sound too hot and stopping your T cells from working and T ceels being the ones that keep the nasties at bay or having to go in for intravenous lipids combined with the elderly egg thing is not my bag. You should only start the treatment if you know when you will get pg/are pregnant. If I was younger by about 6 years then would do as the eggs would be less ancient. Will do the progesterone and asprin ( 75mg per day) combined with vitamins and carry on as usual and accept the fact that its a probable no no. Biggles will agree. He was not keen on IVF and being a tight Yorkshire bastard wants to see return for his money and have odds on his side!

He, the doctor/consultant was a very nice chap indeed. He has also said he will scan me as soon as I hit five weeks and to get in touch if we get pg again.  Means I have to drive to Hexham which is 55 miles away but hey ho I mind not. Big county I live in! The cons of living in the country! Meh!

Counselling tomorrow followed by lidl for cheap food bits, a dress to get fixed ( sewn by a dress maker person), a tv unit to collect and floors to wash. I don't work Fridays - well I do sometimes on a time off in lieu basis-  Only working four days means I can take Weeny to school and pick her up again. Gives her a break from being a full time first in last out inmate at wrap around care! T-O-I-L also means I save money during summer hols and she gets a better deal. Bugger is I still have to pay for petrol to get into work to get the toil! Overall its a better quality of life!

Peace and monkey nuts! Night y'all