Sunday, 4 November 2012

Postcards from the edge....

Turn back all yee you are educated and sophisticated for fear of insult and offence!
You will find here, along with some uncouth stuff other bits of stuff I like and find amusing, I think is important or that  makes  me snigger. And yes swearing does figure, along with politics, equal opps, banksy, pre raphelites, religion.... C'mon  dare ya!

I wish I could get away with this at Halloween......................Genius!!!!

From Taken - not a bad movie for an action shoot em up!

I do give a fuck about somethings - see the Banksy above!

This is my secret right wing issue- we all have a failing!

Me and the Biggles on the Biggles big big mo fo bike! Like shit off a stick!
Guess what this is! ha ha
Good Ole Eve and I may even find Bob!

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