Tuesday, 8 May 2012



Which bit of this says oh woe is me???

Which bit of this does not suggest that the post following said title is identified by the author as self indulgent, a bit selfish and one sided however with the get off your chest purpose '' does this turn it into a request for pity, tea and sympathy?

No its a fecking BLOG Entry  docum)enting an episode. Tell you what -  best thing to drag me out of my clearly wallowing self pity pot  (- patronising btw) is to getsomeone who judges and clearly doesn't understand the purpose of a blog entitled SELF INDULGENT WHINE !  Am so much better when I have a rant an am pissed off!

SELF INDULGENT: indulgent of your own appetites and desires;
WHINE: To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion. ( this is the context I mean't it in)3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch: jet engines whining.

This implies I am well aware that the acompanying post is
a) indulgent - . I recognise this.
b) Whine - I am being childish


GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST PURPOSE:  better out than in. 
CATHARTIC:inducing catharsis; purgative.

I also like this one!
CATHARTIC: An agent for purging the bowels, especially a laxative.

Well you have helped - can I compare thee to a bowel irritant?  a good dose of the runnies??

I did not say - A self indulgent whine that is secretly a plea for tea and sympathy and someone to mop my brow and say there there .

Feel free to comment all you like but if you get it wrong and judge and make implications such as

1. My desire to have a child is one sided ( WEAN)
2. I have no money therefore I am being irresponsible in wanting another child.. ( WEAN)
3. I  have not thought through the implications of raising another child  and also child care which thus makes me wrong and selfish ( WEAN)
4. I am being selfish wanting to do a degree at the same time as have a child ( err no that sthe booby prize) ( WEAN)
5. Judgements  regarding my partners salary - yes its large. No I don't spend it its not mine. By fact of me being female does not give me rights to it. It is his and he works bloody hard for and risks his life and mental health in warzones for it. Grrrr  ( WEAN)
6. Edited to include: All that twaddle about going to the wedding with a heavy heart - do you really think I sat there in a corner pouting??? Refusing to talk to the Bride and Groom -???  How ridiculous - NB I wished them well of course - said the bride looked beautiful and told her to cherish every moment of her special day as it passes so quickly. Made polite conversation with people I barely know, who made me feel intimidated etc etc . Doh some people! - Its what you do - you get on with it and turn up and smile. The show goes on. What happens in other places ? Do grown women turn up looking grumpy and act spoilt? ( SUE/WEAN???) Also I turned up becuase it was important to the man I love. His friends. You do this in relationships no matter how much it hurts - you do it for another person.

Sorry for feeling bad not only for myself but fo rnot being able to give the man I love the family he so wishes to have with me. This hurts him. I feel bad. I agree I want a family with him. We love each other truly madely deeply but we are older and not the young things starting out in life full of promise and possibility. 
I will tell you  when you get it wrong and I will and dedicate a whole  post to it.This is because

a. I find the above judgements insulting
b. I find the above judgements insulting
c. I find the above judgements insulting
d. I find the above judgements insulting

This is insulting. It is not that I just disagree.
in case you don't get it!
a. To treat with gross insensitivity, insolence, or contemptuous rudeness. See Synonyms at offend.
b. To affront or demean: an absurd speech that insulted the intelligence of the audience.
2. Obsolete To make an attack on.
v.intr. Archaic
1. To behave arrogantly.
2. To give offence; offend: a speech that was intended to insult

Really those women who get pg and can't afford it  or then choose to contribute to taxes or have to work to  pay bills really  and have to get in child care - they should be selling their children and all those mums who work for fun get back in the kitchen!!

Oh yes I am feeling so much better - bring it on! And yes I am being all of the above!

Do you know what as well ..

If you choose to read a blog and don't like it then don't read blogs! And yes happily go off to your blog and whine and be self pitying I don't read read it so care not a hoot!!! 

No haven't checked for spelling - don't intend to either so there - tongue out and raspberry blowing!

Jovial: my mood for the rest of the day.

Twit! My final word!


  1. "Wean" made similarly judgemental and unpleasant comments on another's blog last week, causing them to be very upset. Do we have a bully in our midst? Fostermummy xx

  2. Or maybe just an opinionatedmis guided lady... I am trying to be nice but maybe. xxx Hope you are well.