Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Calm now.

Calm now. Alternative things in the world.

Biggles took weeny girl to nursery school to day.  She trotted him in like something out of show and tell and proudly exclaimed that he was her ' Biggles'.  Bless! They were both chuffed.

We had a coffee,  read some paper in  Costa in town, chilled out and made tea before we trotted off to the train station.  

Tea all very frugal - one large chook breast wrapped in bacon stuffed with spreading cheese. Biggles made his cheese sauce ( new skills I taught his from scratch! and now he is the expert) and we had left over veg - carrots and brocoli  and mash.  We split the meat between three of us proportionately.

 The weeny had a fit at  the station. Very upset on goodbye despite the fact that he will be back again in three sleeps for three sleeps.  She ran along the platform waving frantically till other people got in the way and she was devestated as no more waves or smiles.

He texted  Bless how sweet.

We have arranged to take the Jubilee week off together.  maybe scotland, maybe camping in peak district - we will see.

They are close.  That is lovely.


  1. Bless you, the picture of weeny waving like mad, and the "three more sleeps" reminds me of GD when she was small xxx

  2. She really looks forward to the hellos too! and looks up and down the train for him then runs into his arms for a cuddle.

    he took her to school and she treated him like show and tell! Tookhim to her teacher and introduced him. Teacher said she was very sad on Monday after he left. So lovely.