Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A first, small changes and four year olds

 Only two more sleeps.
Biggles rang to speak to weeny girl this evenign as he promised he would. She was in a preoccupied four year old mood and I think he was a bit upset. Its all new to him this small child thing - I tell him its positive that she acts so very normally around him and feels secure enough with him and his love for her to do so.

I have a friend who adopted a young lad  aged 6. She was thrilled to bits when he had a strop and stormed up stairs and slammed his bedroom door. It mean't he felt secure enough to be normal. He had his huff  just like other kids do. He is now 15.  Its fantastic for her well them really. She was a single woman when she was matched with her son.
Biggles  is mentioned so much more than the other family. Everytime we park at Morrisons in the parent and child spaces.  Look theres Mummy, me and Biggles exclaims Weeny like a little stuck record. He figured in her learning journal- she told her teacher all about him and the teacher wrote what she said in her journal under a family picture. This is Biggles and Mummy. I love  Biggles and Mummy very much.

Wonder who will get the homemade fathers day card this year??? Last year she chose Biggles.

Small changes

I am making small changes. I will take the stairs at work unless I have to walk up five flights of  stairs!
I will take myvitamins every day
I will get to sleep for 11 - or try to! LIGHTS off !!
Moisturiser - I need to do this more often.

First approved food order! Am impressed.

I stocked up on naan breads - lots for ony £2
Red Thai Curry Paste - fantastic for 0.001p for 12
HP sauce x3
Lentils - tinned x4
mayo x6
Curry sauce - my chilhood fav of Maysan paste - tastes just like curry from a chinese take away! x2
Choc cake mix  low sugar and choc block  - weeny and I will be baking at the weekend!!!!

Came to about £18 with postage - I saved lots!

Store cupboard looking happy.


  1. My husband is step father to my girls - the youngest was only 18 months old when he came into our lives (she's now aged 21!!)They have never called him "dad", always referring to him by his first name and saw their "real" father once a fortnight (providing his mother was available to do the actual childcare!)Now they are grown up they all say that they feel that he was more of a father to them than their real dad. Middle daughter now has a daughter of her own - a lovely 4 year old, just like weeny girl and she calls my husband "Granda" - he absolutely dotes on her and she has him wrapped around her little finger. She does see her mam's biological father now and again, but just as when my girls were young, he prefers the interaction of his mates and a pint (or 10)to spending any time with family. His loss - our gain. It is difficult when they are small and you have to allow them access to "the other side", but in my experience and as you are already finding yourself, children know who it is that cares about them and tend to make the right choices for themselves. Linda xxx

  2. Thanks Linda. Funny that her bio dad also likes to dump her with his mother when ever possible too. Pub first!!! Sometimes she calls Biggles Daddy. We caught her out at a play park telling another childs Mummy that her Mummy and Daddy were over there (pointing to us.)

  3. It is hard for anyone to take on another persons child. My husband was a saint at times with my eldest, still is.

    Glad your approved order made you smile.

    X x