Sunday, 27 March 2011


My goals regarding finances. Hmm as I am in a state of flux re work and  future plans etc my goals are unclear.
If I go back to Uni it will be a case of  keeping ones head above water till the house is sold and I get another job. If I don't go then the house is still being sold and I am looking for somewhere cheaper.
I would like to be debt free- initially get rid of the credito cardio debt then repay the mater/sister with proceeds from the house sale. I will need a new car soonish though hope to get another not too expensive year at least from my chugger. I would like not to add to any debt. I would also like to save more.
I like things to be clear and I am sure they will become so at some point. Regardless of whether I stay or go away to uni the house will be rented so I will need at some point soon to begin decluttering and decorating!
I will either be in Carlisle or living cheaply in Biggles house when he is posted somewhere returning at weekends! 

So goals at the very moment are paying off the credito card and not adding to the debt. I have budgeted for  £70 per month to go to the debt. This will take 13 months to clear the debt. I have alot less time than this. So I need to make approx 500 to clear it by September. Any extras after the bed frame will be directed towards the 500 quid mark, as will proceeds form car boots, enviroclothes, ebay ventures, spare money at the end of the week.

Once Wednesday is over with I shall  reinstate the budget watching. It is pay day on Thursday and the unaccounted for expenses of  uni interviews etc will be over.

That's the initial goal anyway September to loose the credit card!!!

Once I move to somewhere cheaper the next goal will be the family debt, car stuffs, mortgage and ongoing frugalness!!! Might have a look at the property market in potential areas just to be nosy!

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  1. good luck, it takes determination and it's not easy, but it's worth it.