Monday, 28 March 2011

Pink Cowboy boots and an over payment but not in a good way !!!

Good news or bad news first....??? hmmm
Ok when I was signing on they over paid me by £420. Boo - I have it and can pay it. Such is life- No arguing with HMRC/ benefits agency. Just puts debt plan back a bit.
As regards money I need to contact tax credits on April 1st ( fools day and contacting HMRC.... This has to be funny) change details for job, update claim to to be judged on what I am earning this year and take account of change in wages,hours and child care. Will wait with baited breath as per the outcome!!!

Have put notice in at work and start new job in a fortnight!!! Eeek back to full time!!!! but maybe in time If I do not go to uni I can wrangle 30 hours a week or term time only with a bit extra in order to do the job properly.

On a lighter note..........

Perusing the Whitley bay charity shops supposedly only for a look I came across my stockpiling kiddies clothes bargains - not breaching the £2.00 rule and all for 4-5yr olds (- I collect a year in advance)

Shirt dresses  for £1.25 each ( x2 ) one 'ecru/stone whatever' and one a wine purple colour, a funky M&S top for 50p and a brand new never been worn purple and lighter purple style dress for 50p. The best bargain of all were Dusky pink cowboy boots - brand new never been worn perfect size 8 for £1.00.

Dresses - Primarni - I wouldn't pay full price for Primarni, Funky Top M&S, Other Dress unknown!

She loves them to bits. I wouldn't ever have considered purchasing these full price as they are incredibly impractical and a silly design and colour for children's shoes but for £1.00!!!!!!! And she so does enjoy dressing up!!!  Mummy got a ring to make up for the stress of the repayment issue.

Dusky pink suede type cowboy boots!!! My ring - just plastic  and cheap tin but I like the chunky green /black swirly bits!

  Watching Scooby Doo!

Well even the RSPCA Charity shop is catching onto the vintage thing - More miserable children seen - a set of four at £4 each!  Not likely!!!  So not just fashion but home wares too are victim to the Charity shop book. Vix I do believe you will have a veritable miserable children antique collection in a few years- highly sort after and worth much more! 



  1. Great finds, Im with you buying clothes in advance, my son is 8 months but Ive already got 2 years clothes stashed and my boot sale visits always come up trumps for kids clothes - 20p an item for next and baby gap - yes please :o) Plus when he goes to nursey i want cheap clothes he can wreck! Our RSPCA shop is way over priced here so i tend not to go in there. Good luck for the new job :o) Scarlett x

  2. Totally agree with the cheap clothes for wrecking and at nursery!!! If I had paid full price for a weeks worth of Primarni plus spares for washing for each season in the year I would be seriously peeved given the state weeny girl comes home in!! Instead she goes in Next and baby gap, laura ashley, mini boden! She even has a little rocha coat!!! (Check me out name dropping!!! lol)

    RSPCA used to be the cheap shop compared to the incredibly posh likes of Oxfam but alas no more they have got with the programme and must have their very own pricing book!

  3. I used to buy in advance for my little boy, it does help and also I never saved anything for 'best', they always grow out of it, before they have worn it! x

  4. Your little girl looks very cute in that outfit - I'm sure Daphne would approve!

  5. Weeny girl has very few saved for best! She has weekend and nursery clothes otherwise she would look like a tramp all the time! I have some gorgeous dresses all second hand that were just impractical to wear for playing! I should ebay them really!

    Daphne rocks!!!! Don't know where she gets the dressing up thing from???? :-)

  6. Love the boots! Scooby Doo was the only cartoon I would watch as a kid. Loved it. The kid has great taste, clearly.