Sunday, 27 March 2011

Daily Fail Middle classes!!!!! an example that leaves me cold.

Why do I ever look at the Daily Mail!!! It only server to infuriate! the first example can work - she has one child at school and there is a child care element to child tax credit which will pay 70% of her fees which will not be astronomical as her child is at school.

The others and their superficial vacuous lives leave me cold. The last woman is vacuous. I have some time for the woman married to the landed gentry  but that's it.

If I had lots of money like the examples I would still wear preloved, drive economical cars, camp, bargain hunt - I may indulge more in locally grown farmers market produce but that's about it etc Not very green people are they ( shakes head wrinkles nose  and screws up mouth at he same time as if driving past a slurry tip in the country)   Now I am not the deepest most philosophical type but I like to think I have a little more depth than a puddle on a hot day in August in Spain and I bet  no one turned off their lights for Earth Hour!

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