Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A new financial plan

I have planned and calculated.

I will save £100 a month.
I will  be saving £35 per month towards car expenses- MOT, servicing and tax.
I have arranged the DD's. Some are very annoying and will only accept being paid mid month which is confusing. I like to have clear figures in my bank account!
I am repaying Biggles a small amount each month. I also do the food at weekends as he does treats and petrol most of the time and it is a godsend and very nice of him. It pleasant to go out for a cheap lunch with your working away partner and also the occasional coffee and trip to London of course. We have another planned for half term.

I have £84 left over each month to pay for dancing lessons and clothes and other expenses such as hair cuts, dentist etc etc This is pretty good I feel. I can cope with this. I remember the days when  we had £400 a month spares to play with lol pre redundancy and I had a healthy bank account and a house and maintenance... sigh, Onwards we go.. maybe not upwards but onwards nonetheless.

I don't use any Child tax credit either. I pay for the child care completely out of this amount and save the rest. I won't use it as the buggers always get things wrong. If at the end of the tax year when new calculations are made I am over or under there should be funds either to save or to repay the buggers.  Technically they only pay 70% of any child care so there is never much left over but it all adds up and can go towards a repayment or saving depending on what the outcome is in July after the p60 goes in.

I am still doing the save the change round up account thing. The bank automatically rounds up to the nearest pound and puts the pennies in a separate account. I am still saving £10 a month for Small girl till her 18th birthday.

I am continuing to pay £50 for electric. Its been cold and we have needed the central heating. Also over christmas it is nice for Small girl to feel comfortable when she plays in the house. I want to avoid any bills or being in debit to them. You can claim this back so I feel it is worth it for peace of mind.

I have budgeted for £200 on petrol and £120 on food  still however I hope to reduce the petrol in May when I go back to only working four days. With the CPD qualification I need to come in on Fridays ( 50 mile round trip). I also plan on doing £80- £100 on food per week and saving the rest. I may do the envelope system next month for food! Withdraw and spend it in cash each week.

So the coffers are coffed! With £320 for petrol and food plus £80 for extras. Not a bad life I spose.

And Small girl loves her dance class so far. Swimming then Modern dance on Saturday mornings.  Money well spent. Its £4.50 for dancing for 45 mins. Swimming is a DD of £21 per month and for 4 or 5 lessons per month depending on the number of Saturdays I couldn't take her swimming for less.

Now time to transfer the cash to the savings account!! See ya later.


  1. We use the envelope system,have done for over two years now. It's strange, but I feel wealthier paying in the supermarket from cash in my purse than using a debit card. We paid off and destroyed credit cards. Now we live within our means and they are small. I prefer it this way.

  2. I and husband are retired so at this point in our lives we owe nothing and have only our monthly living expenses but I sure remember the days. Daycare was expensive but we had a wonderful carer for our kiddies and had no worries they were veing well cared for. We now see to it that our grand kiddies have lots of the extras trying to ease the burden of their parents. To me the most inportant thimg is seeing the little ones happy and involved in the classes as I know it means so much to them and makes them sooo happy! So good for you!