Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bath Smellies ....

I never bother. When Small girl was a baby - soap for dirty bits and the teeniest dash of olive oil from the chemist. Not the frying type!

A good scrub all over and done. Nothing else required. Not so much that you slip in the bath either!


  1. Hello. I've just found your blog and am enjoying it. About your problem heating the front room because of the stairs, I wondered whether it would be possible to hang long,long (or adapted to be long, long) curtains, floor to ceiling, along the line of the banisters, and thenhang another at the bottom of the stairs. It might look a bit bizarre, but if they're pretty curtains, it would be like having a tapestry on one wall! I'm not sure I explained what I mean very well, but it might help you. You might get the curtains on Freecycle.
    I don't use bath smellies either...they tend to bring out my excema.

  2. Yes have thought about that. Even just doing one side and not the enterance to the stairs, bugger is it would hang in front of the telly! I utilise the space under the stairs!I could cut the material to hang on a diagonal however. Worth looking into for the winter!