Friday, 28 December 2012

Sales hell !

Forgot to mention our horrid cinema trip where by we did n't see The Hobbit. After an hours wait in an imax 3d cinema screen at The Metro Centre- huge shopping centre we eere imformed of a technical glitch that became a fault and film was cancelled.

We had travelled 35 miles. One way  35 mile journey to my definition of torturous hell. Shopping mall on Boxing day teeming with Sales zombies.....

I am mentally scared. We were refunded and given free tickets. Weeny was with the 'others'
All ready had the treat costa coffee and comitted petrol money for a 70 mile round trip. These are the expenses we are out of pocket for negating any savings from complimentary tickets. Also we always book seats in advance as we like decent seats and like to guarantee we will get in given the long journey. Will try again w/e 5th Jan.

The place was horrible and souless and the frenzied spending just one day after xmas made my nose wrinkle.

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