Friday, 28 December 2012

Resolutions and 2013

  1. Get fit - I am very unfit
  2. Complete at least one additional short qualification. I am thinking Pttls at work.
  3. Meal plan - and budget the weekly shop more efficiently.  I can reduce this with good planning I feel. Also I hate waste and have noticed some creeping in!

This is it really.  Three nice and simple things I hope lol

Again I have left out the garden as long term plans are not set in stone and to garden is to plan for tomorrow.

In general I shall continue with the getting by and juggling and penny  pinching in order to get by and live as well as I can without debt. No frugal end goals just life or something like it!

Although its Christmas and the silly season I have a new Ebay and car boot stash coming along nicely already. Some nice kids frocks, toys for a boot sale and such. I also have a charity pile too. The money will be put towards next years celebrations and Weeny's birthday. I have £3 in vouchers from surveys stashed also.

Freecycle look outs
photo frames
garden table
DVD player
suitable toys for a to be 6yr old- xmas and birthday. To be saved. The Bratz cache was an excellent find!
washing up basin
laundry basket
curtains- always useful
bamboo blinds or other windo covering for the kitchen
sewing machine - working
oil filled radiator - nice to have two so I don't have to move one around the house.

Big things that may go bang!
My fridge is getting old so we shall have to wait and see how long it holds out. I will invest in a new one as its an essential and I like a big freezer and equal sized or smaller fridge. I also have a limited space in a small kitchen.

The bedroom telly is ancient but working so far and another ancient big chunky telly will suffice. Freecycle fine and I can do without quite happily. Biggles will always lend me his as well but I prefer not to chance braking his gadgets as he loves them so..... (rolls eyes)

Lap top - my one is very disabled physically. The screen is comming apart and two of the funtion keys are missing. It works so far though and I get to use a PC at work so will replace in time when it goes to techie heaven. Who knows how long it will last!!

The car will require a service, MOT and also new wiper blade motor. Tyres seem ok at the moment but I do put 10K+ on the car per year.

My credit card debt will be up in January I think.. or maybe feb! Thats another £50 to put towards repaying Biggles and then family. I have no interest accruing debts however. This is a satisfying thing!

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