Monday, 8 October 2012


  1. tax return for my mother
  2. car insurance
  3. ebay

Must do soon. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to stuff that is dull as shit!

Motivation is poo for poo things.

Any tips on how to combat boredom procrastination!


  1. Sorry don't do ebay. For car insurance I use a broker, I know it cost a few pounds more, but I get totally confused trawling through the many comparison sites. I prefer to hand the job over to someone else. They always get me a good deal. I have just got out of doing a tax return on line, because my income is now set in stone, no variations. They know what I get in pensions and it will never change.

    Do the job you hate most, first.

  2. My recent ebay money paid for my car tax - that was an incentive to list the stuff. I saved over £100 on the car insurance and went through a cashback site so should get £45 back in a few months( I got £30+ back last year).I don't have to do a tax return anymore - I used to when I was self employed. I'd do the quickest job first - that way you can tick one off.

  3. I think it is worth shopping around for the insurance - think of the what you can spend the money on that you save, also what you make on ebay. But I know it can get a bit boring x