Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween Crafts and bargains

Spiders webs from fruit netting! With added spiders! A painted witch!

Yes we have started doing arty type things with the Weenster. We gravitate this way in the darker nights and winter months. Still plenty of fresh air to be had. We even decorated the house for halloween and she dressed up as a witch.

Yes its early but its a job done . Its only the living room and we will advertise the fact we do Halloween nearer the time. I have a cache of sweets for the local kids.

 More Christmas bargains. This is not included in Stoptober as I have funds set aside for this.

Cancer research charity shop had a haul of brand new FF Tesco scarves for sale at a £1 each . Guess what folks are getting for Christmas. Yes am a cheap skate. DO NOT CARE!!!

Its up to them if they want to spend silly money on pressies that people will never use.

I also have the cache of advent calendar gifts in stock now so that's done as well.  Tradition someone else started and now I continue as the Weenster loves it.

Made soup, bread over the weekend. Bread made for Saturday Am. Nothing nicer than the smell of fresh bread in the morning and eating it when its still warm with melted butter.

Soup - for the freezer - its the season. Left over celery, broccoli stalks ( why waste them) and carrot and onion with a spud all stewed and liquidised.

We eat well at weekends. Carbonara, Chicken fajitas and roast on Sunday.

I nabbed a tray of chicken pieces for £1 yellow stickered and froze them Nice to have with a small or halved piece of chook breast then every one gets the same to gnaw on!

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