Saturday, 29 September 2012

Well that put paid to stoptober!

I knocked over an item in a charity shop and broke it. Was having a peek for Xmas stuff. I have funds for this. Didn't have to pay for it but felt obliged to buy something after all. it was a china thing about £8. Bought a watch, two photo frames and a pair of tights.  £7.00. I felt better after that.  Bugger and Drat!


  1. oh buggery shite, there's always tomorrow and none of us are perfect xxxx

  2. Yes - was a whoopsie. the lady was lovely about it however. I can use all the things I got. needed a new watch, tights always good and two small photo frames brand new for 49p each. Sigh!

    Buggery shite a bit like fuckity fuck fuck!

  3. As my dear old mum would have said - it was clearly meant to be!
    Perhaps you were meant to have those small frames for an xmas gift?
    Keep the tights in your handbag and perhaps they'll save the day when you ladder a pair at just the wrong time - and sometime soon I bet you'll be grateful you have that new watch that's working.
    (Mind you, there's nothing quite like a bloody good swear! lol)

  4. Yes I have the odd sweary mary day!

    I am going to donate some CD's and DVDs to the shop today as well.

    Will def feel better after that. It was a nice thing I broke as well. Someone would have liked it maybe not me but... Blue china thing with a hose thing off it. Some sort of dressing table piece for ladies!

    I will donate some stock.