Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bargainacious School Uniform! and Xmas

Well school uniform was going to cost me a fortune. 8.50 for a T shirt polo thing and 11.50 for the cardigan.

The second hand scale at school only charged 50p!!! So we have two proper t shirts and two non badged t shirts and two cardigans. I also bought her a school logo book bag and a ruck sack for 50p and £2.00.

Did I mention my Freecycle haul - it was ace! I made it to the end of the month With over £100 left in the bank. Saved!!!

I have some expenses comming up in october but will not buy anything non essential! Only food, bill paying.

have the following to purchase for X mas/birthday

Chocolate lolly maker ( Vouchers) Will have some left over to go towards any Trampoline purchases at ASDA!

Madam has forgone the scooter as she has grown out of ther bike supposedly for 3-6yr olds. She is turning five in january. I have a large child!

One  large pressie is for Xmas the other for birthday in January.

She also wants some cartridges for her electronic reading thing whcih relatives can purchase if they ask. Same with the scooter.

Other pressies are for:
Biggles - Not telling as he is sneaky!
Sister and Bro - Bottle of Bog Myrtle Gin £35
Few small bits for Biggles family x6 no more than a tenner each. may give extra tenner to biggles to add to their cash cache! £60
Neice - Cash
x3 neices and nephews £30 cash in total

+115 + Biggles+ Bike/trampoline ( £200) Unless I can source second hand bike which I am hoping too.

That is it. Nuff said. Still too much but I can't reduce much further and am crap at craft. One of my goals for next year - Acquire sewing machine!


  1. Hi! Your blog is totally inspiring. I used to be quite frugal out of choice but my then husband was a relatively high earner and I eventually joined him in his frivolous spending habits. Now I'm a single mum of 4 living in a house that needs everything doing to it and trying to run a business that isn't going to go anywhere unless I chuck money at it. I need to tighten my belt and get back to old habits. Having no or very little money sucks but my god you can get some highs from frugal living! Doesn't get much better than finding a brand new pair of Startrite school shoes in a charity shop for a £1 does it ;-)

  2. Aw! Thank You! The bargain finding is ace. I think now even if I had loads of cash to spend I would still bargain hunt, ebay, boot sale, charity shop and free cycle. Apart from just nabbing a bargain, saving money or kitting my daughter out in decent stuff so that she is just like the other kids I like the reduce reuse recycle mantra and the anto consumerism stance frugalling can take. Sounds much better than budget living.

    I had to sell my house due to redundancy and made nothing from it and lost deposits etc etc. I walked away with out debt form it though. Well maybe a little but nothing I won't have paid off soon. Then comes the friends and family debt to pay off. So actually do have debt from it.

    Its hard with kids to be as frugal as I could be or was able to be when younger. I can live off beans for a week if need be but not my daughter.

    Some great other frugla blogs out there - Frugal Queen, My Beautiful life and one life three kids and endless possibilities. I think all those ladies and some others too have been single parents at one time or another so know how hard it can be.

    I don't long for the big things anymore - flash car, nice holidays I just want to be able to save money, keep out of debt and make sure my daughter has a great childhood. I can do small holidays and get just as much from them. And the car gets me form A to B I just want to make it last as long as possible and get the best out of it.

    Take care.


  3. Lol Money for IVF would be nice though. Big stuff like that that I could have afforded previously or used my 15k house deposit for rankles! Sp I think!