Monday, 23 July 2012

And the dream is.............

On chatting  re when we win the lottery, the Biggles and I would do the following

Purchase a business - cafe on a good biker road with adjoining campsite and bunkbarn and also sell a few biking essentials ideally somewhere pretty. Promote said business in biker mags and website.

Have a garden turned over to produce and keep chickens.  If feasible a hut much like that of the Deer hut for the winter with a few more essentials in it. Doesn't matter where it is as logn as its a feasible bikers road this.

Live frugally.   We do quite a bit as it is. We are not going out people.  We do not value new sofas, clothes, flash holidays where one lazes by the pool. The bike is Biggles big extravagance - his passion.And mine??? I have yet to find it! I would love to quilt and dress make but no sewing machine.  And a bike of my own would be fantastic. Walking is also grand but weeny can't quite manage any really good hikes yet. One day however....

Ah well nice to dream ......

We have decided to leave going to the Deer hut till the autumn. Will still be lovely shame it is booked at the moment.

off to Sheffield in a fortnight for a few days as well.  Some free parks and stuff to take in for weeny girl with animals and sand pits.

Next time we are in London we have our eyes on Greenwich and other free stuff to do which won't be til the Olympic malarky is over.

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  1. Your lottery dreams are much the same as mine! Sigh! Maybe this week eh?!