Monday, 23 July 2012


And after a lovely ordinary weekend Monda! is ere again.

Sunday was lovely we managed to get to Brizlee Tower, the magic garden and the hermit cave on a wee walk through Hulne park - aka the Duke of Northumberlands personal playground for country pursuits that he graciously permits the serfdom to walk through.

We took a picnic- Weeny girl satisfied.  then home for major Sunday feed! Cheap Sundays dinner with only bacon as the meat course.

Biggles has a thing for white sauce all over Sunday dinner with a splash of gravy as well.  So was happy with the cauliflower, brocoli cheese thang with smoked bacon. Loads of veg as well as roast spuds and cheepie yorkshire puds. At 39p for 12 - and then divided into two meals I can't make them any cheaper really and my efforts are rather hit and miss.

Am feeling smug about the work attire after the Big shopping splurge on Saturday. Ha ha my work clobber costs me less than a Fiver ! Ok not including shoes but they are the same age as weeny girl so £10 per year is not a bad investment . Trousers - £1 Top 1.95, bag 1.95, bangle - FREE present.

Why on earth spend a small fortune on clothes for work???? Beats me.

We have leftovers for lunch with approved food naan bread and a smattering of fruit.

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