Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Cold!! and how much do I hate Liz Jones!

Wrapped up - in bed with the walking talking hot water bottle. Austerity measures and body heat is free.  Shopped for £26 today. Got a few bargains - best being two breaded plaice fillets for 29p! In the freezer - I like yellow stickers.

I built up the cot and the crib to check that I had all the bolts - easier than I thought as bolts were all mixed up - another job done, Ebay parcel sent off.

over all reasonalbly productive.

Heard that one of the biggest employers in the county Alcan Rio Tinto who employ 650 people are hot footing to cheaper climes.   Rio Tinto - power station and aluminium smelting works.  Power station may have a buyer but not the smelter. Thats alot of people and a lot of breadwinners who will be out of a job imminently. Basically yes we still need aluminium but its not profitable enough to make in this country due to the environmental regulations so Rio Tinto is hot footing it to somewhere cheaper to make just as much pollution but not make amends for it. Its just not profitable enough!  Profit profit! Who does this keep in quails eggs and caviiar??? Not the smelters or engineers who work on the shop floor. Their wages keep food in mouths and roofs over heads.  Greed and profit don't ys just love big business????? Bugger the environment and sod the  little people- rich shareholders who want another holiday villa/chateau  rule. So many families effected and where will they get jobs for the same salary????   Not locally thats for sure.

Liz sodding Jones ala Daily Mail - she generally annoys me and I find her whinny self indulgent  vacuous and I have an urge to throw cow dung at her. What is the point of this women???  Thank God she stays within the confines of the Daily Mail and only ventures out on to our screens/other papers sporadically.

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