Sunday, 16 October 2011

Broke my ebay cherry as a seller!

Am finally with the programme adb have made £28 already - am liking this muchly!  I wait with baited breath to see what follows.....

Will car boot if they do not sell with a few other things but hopefully....

B and I got a bit sad about the selling of the baby equipment but we know its a shot inthe dark and I cannot afford to store or move them with me on the off chance. Its all good stuff- some thingswhen I had money I didn't scrimp on,  thinking they would get much use and at least a second outing oh well.

We are ok and waiting and seeing how the long distance and the move thing works out.


  1. It's great to see that selling something on Ebay gave you a little lift. Hope a few more sales perk you up further soon. Take care of yourself and the weenie one. x

  2. Good news on the ebay sales, hopefully the start of many! x

  3. Well done you. I have loads of stuff to list, think it will take me forever!

    X x