Monday, 12 September 2011

So far..... and its gets.....

better/worse  dunno yet.

Weeny - Due to have contact with the toilet paper that poses as a father this weekend if he can collect her and drop her back. I am resolute that I shall not do it. I ohysically could not make the journey knowing that I am to hand my child over- the most precious in my world!

I have agreed to do mediation and also seen a solicitor.

He is revolting and makes me want to vomit. I have a meeting in October with a mediator, then we have mediation at some point after that. Whatever really. House sells he will not bother his backside if I am far enough away.

Doctors went ok - I have clomid for next cycle and the one after that  then its London Calling for B  and the MOD opposite the  London Eye. Test results good  - well better than previous and FSH 5.9 not bad for nearly 39 and past it lol.

Looking forward to weekends in London - Weeny and I that is. B be home most weekends. Will mothball his place and live here as he will be technically living in London.

House please please sell - I don't care how much - just leave me free to move and start again away from here.

I could be really really happy but its just out of my reach......... all the elements are there...... who knows....


  1. i hate the picks ups drop offs, hugs xx

  2. Chin up as ever - the little smiles and cheeky grins are good for that!!!

    Thanks girlies!

    Hope that wrist healing hurry's up. I too being righthanded have had the pleasure of pulling up my knickers with one left hand -this is not good.

    I am resolute about drop offf and pick up s - I used to do half as he said this was fair- couldn't be bothered to argue at the time but now I realise it is not fair - he nevers makes special journeys for DD ever - no docs appt, never takes time off work, takes her to swimming, parties, play dates, soft play the beach ( her favourite place)He can even keep some of hi maintenance ( pitiful) in exchange for petrol. ( wish I could tell him to get stuffed with his money and time selfish bugger that he is. hi money makes him feel as if he is doing something and is a dad - easy way out. Would prefer someone who gave a shite and would put genuine effort in as a parent with no money to play with.

    And I physically cannot journey to drop her off and hand her over to someone I do not trust to care for her as she deserves. Weekend full of worry.