Sunday, 28 August 2011

Weather changed plans

No scarecrows as the weather was awful! Weeny stayed in and player with the little girls form next door - they had a great time. Even went all of 30 50 yards to the park on their own. ( The oldest girl is 6 nearly 7 and the park is so so close and at the back of married quarters so  pretty safe - no one has reason to go onto thte estate unless they are visiting - no throughfare.

We will do scarecrows tomorrow.

Weeny doesnt want to go to  his next week.  We have talked about it. I have gently questioned. she has been upset by last weeks goings on. He really needs to sort this out. He should talk to weeeny about it and his troll beast needs to explain as well and not slag me off in the process as this will not help my poor little one to feel better and understand. he needs to listen t her when she wants to come home and not try to coahc her or cajole her into anything. I am still angry about it but am much more rational now. Never told weeny what was mean't by the 'naughty things' that were said. Thought better of it - no need for her to know.

We wil find out on Thursday whether we should keep on trying to procreate. Have had the gammut of tests so truth will out. Poor B. I am not hopeful . I reckon I am past it.

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