Sunday, 28 August 2011

Loooong weekend...

Swimming = £78!!! Oh well she is worth it and the skills she will learn are valuable and will last a lifetime.

Flat tyre - have called  roadside assistance to change it- might as well I pay for it and never use it! Will have to buy a new sodding tyre however. grump grump grump!!!!

Off to scarecrow festival. I will take juice but will indulge in cake and sausage rolls - home made and reasonably priced and to support he village green/hall etc etc Need to purchase a cup of tea at least. Only fair the villagers put in so much effort.

Tomorrow - will be a house day - lots to organise for next week. We are out and about on Tuesday doing bits and bob.

Friday Weeny and I  went to Durham to see chums and to scope it out as a possible place to move to /invest in if as and when I sell this house. Sigh.... potential- cheap, greenish not as pretty as northumberland but not bad at all.

Also we had our hospital appt -and are seeing consultant on 1st September see what we have to play with in the breeding department. Can help us make decisions re houses, money, careers etc etc  we have to much happening at the same time.

 Mediation request sent out. My gut churns every time I think about next weekend......any contact/conflict with the drongo ex and the she drongo and feel like pants. Weeny not that bothered so far and has not used the d word at all.

When have talked she is still not happy that I didn't come and get her like I promised I would.

See what happens.....

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