Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More crap - something nice to report would be a change.

More crap. Got a speeding ticket, speed course to pay for. Yes was speeding by 5 miles on a road I am unfamilliar with in the country- Melmersby in cumbria, Grand total  £145.
MOT for old car to pay - car mechanic was very late getting the bill out and I really don't think this one is paid.  £139

So £300 so far.

There goes the private clinic - £ 285

I have never had so much debt in addition:

I owe M £3k
I owe B £900
I owe CC £900

I am not saving for anything as I have debt to pay.

Its been over 12 months since I was put at risk of redundancy. 11 months since I put the house on the market and I have  dropped 17k off the price. Dropping anymore and I will be making a loss if it ever sells.

I need to pay for the following in the coming months

Extra radiator approx 250
Car tax ( 115)
Dentist ( I owe 16.50 plus what ever treatment I require)
Shoes for weeny girl ( Clarkes 30 approx) The strap broke on her last ones that still fitted. Unable to be fixed and she is due new ones in September.

Am completely pig sick of it all. Wish I  had some nice stuff to show for the debt  lol but I don't.
Oh well - teeth gritted, tears wiped, fists clenched. Feck it!

Oh and to top it off the straw that broke the camels back was that my online bank was unable to show me a statement.


  1. Keep your chin up hun. Things will get better.

    X x

  2. You should take the shoes back, especially if they are the style that the strap is like a 'V'. My daughters snapped and when I returned them the sales manager told me they are always having these styles returned and having to refund customers. It begs the question why they still sell them when they know they are faulty and not fit for purpose.