Saturday, 26 February 2011

The rest of Saturday

I managed to spend exactly nothing today! I am chuffed. Free afternoon at Boulmer beach and village looking for signs of spring - one crocus starting to boom and a few snow drops - not long now. Jess collected shells and ate a yoghurt on a rock so was chuffed. The park at the end of the street has been revamped with some quite funky play things so that was another hour whiled away. Lots of cookings - school chicken curry with peas and rice and naan bread followed by cupcakes which will do for tomorrows sweet treat as its Sunday.

I feed Biggles the owl lover at weekends - Five sausages, two chicken breasts for a saturdays isn't much really- He brought the box of wine so fairs fair. Roast chick breasts tomorrow with the ususal trimmings for a sunday and fairy cakes.

So apart from being stuffed for thrity quid due to an errant standing order have spent bugger all and won't spend till Monday.

Gotta love curry sauce and bargain frozen chook bits!


  1. Have been reading your blog, how horrible to be made redundant, especially when you were well into your financial plan. I wish you luck and will follow your blog (ascent) with interest x

  2. many thanks - yes it was a bit rotten, hoping it will change soon and I will find more suitable employment soon.....!