Thursday, 24 February 2011

Frugal living!

I have always enjoyed the challenge of being thrifty. I save everything. Food - I hate waste.  Left over veg - into soup. Fruit - frozen to be used in smoothies, pies, sauces, cakes.  I recycle t shirts - They become dusters and cloths. Other items of clothing recycled to charity shops or the fabulous enviro clothes who pay you for the weight of your items. From 11 bags of clothes (bin bags half full) I made £16.  Every penny counts these days so off it went to lessen the debt. (The debt - yes I once had a plan with the end in sight  now it is a distant dream, a tiny whoo ville like speck on the horizon. but keep chipping away I will. )

I free cycle, car boot, charity shop, scan sale rails for bargains and this includes the sale rail at primark! (Don't like to pay full price for their chat).  Focus on frugality  - where shall I start!

Kids clothes - I love hand me downs - who doesn't. Children play, Children get grubby, Play can be grubby.Clothes get grubby. Children grow alot faster than there clothes. Its really quite simple.  The gorgeous one wears Next, has a Little Rocha coat, pumpkin patch and other silly labels. She looks ace. She has play clothes and going out clothes. One thing I do fork out for is shoes - Clarks. I do not begrudge the £30 they cost however they can be sourced form Brantano and ebay for much cheaper once the feet have been professionally measured. The only problem is the upset child who is expecting new shoes! Once the season has got warmer I will cut off the arms of sweatshirts to make t shirts - a simple hem using a sewing machine- takes all of two mins. Hey presto more wear out of an item that would have been destined for the recycling journey (profit making or for charity or the ;duster drawer) or has horribly stained cuffs!

Na na na na na - My carbon foot prints less than yours!

I would do this even if loaded for sheer self righteousness! Being skint - its a bit less virtuous but hey h

Na na na na na My carbon foot prints less than yours!!!! lol

I also buy in advance. At the moment I am working on the 4-5 yr old wardrobe. I buy from sale rails  for a year in advance so the seasons don't really matter. I have a £2 rule for t shirts, long sleeve shirts, leggins etc Jeans, dresses and Coats obviously more. Today's bargains were long sleeved shirts for 75p - I bought 2. Woolen white polo neck 1.50. Woolen thick legging - pinkish colour £2 and a pink sweat shirt  with butterfly pattern also for £2.  All new all from Asda - £7 total.  Bargain!!! Not preloved and not as eco friendly but its not very often  we go new.

Cheers - speak soon
Eeeek (as it eeking it out)

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