Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blog One!!!

Ho hum - first blog entry. I shall bring you up to speed! Read the about me bit!

OK you are nearly there. I am a single mum to  the gorgeous girl the light of my life still a bit weeny and not at full time school yet. I work used to work full time till I was made redundant by the new condemning government and a bunch of toady management who crapped on front line workers to save their own and their other management friends skins - but this happens. We all know it does- they just didn't have to be so shitty and down right rude about it!

I now work part time and commute silly distances for the joy of work on a much lower salary than previously to do a job I find to be lacking in integrity. As a public sector type person in a helping type field I do not earn nice amounts.This I accept- it is my choice however I was getting by and doing quite well till Dave and his buddies decided to go for the slash and burn budget cuts impacting on the little chap IE me.   Prior to this I had what I thought was a reasonably steady job - certainly I was appreciated by some lovely clients and agencies I worked in partnership with ( shpiel  -I know but I need to remain anonymous). I  bought a house invested the life savings on the deposit  and was chipping away nicely at  the debt one had accrued and was saving a tidy amount for a new car. The end was in sight! Financial freedom was within my grasp only 24 months left and the financial plan was coming together!!!! Then big slap in the mush from the government bye bye salary and the icing on the cake snotty up their own arses management dipping me in vinegar after the paper cuts that constitute redundancy - C'nuts that they are and bollocks!

Thought I would document  via this blog either my descent into insolvency or my phoenix like ascent from the ashes or may be it will be both! ha ha hark at me with the flowery language. Its complicated by being a single parent and living in the country and having no family support close at hand. I am an exiled southerner. My life is also full of smiles and cheeky grins, and cuddles so I am rich really!

I was living within my means and paying my debt, eeking it out  like you do when you discover a meagre last dollop of butter in the tub after you have made you morning toast! I was doing ok. Now I have bugger all and its necessity to be frugal in order to feed and clothe the gorgeous one and myself and keep the big bad form the door. The barricades are getting a little thin and I can hear the snarls!

I am not a hippy. I do not smell of patchouli oil. I wash. I wash my clothes and make sure they do not smell of foost! I do not have greasy hair.... often.  I despise consumerism. I do not and never have leched after silly shoes, leather sofas, cream carpets or other such must have home decor or gadgets the stuff credit card bills are made of. I am unimpressed by large wads of cash ( good for you if you have it but it doesn't mean you are a better or more worthy person), designer labels, tony and guy haircuts, beaverbrooks jewelery, - you name it I really don't care about it! I yawn loudly  when the scs or dfs advert comes on the tv.
I am a functional person with green leanings. I recycle, I free cycle. I attempt to tread as lightly as I can upon this old planet of ours. I do not participate needlessly in the economy - I try to buy non vat items - privately sold cars, essential food  and make my own goodies, second hand, preloved!  I am unimpressed by expensive cars, flash suits or clothes and as such it has never been a hardship  for me not to have them. I am stubbornly independant-
What do I value - food and freedom, fresh air, the moment, experience, peace and tranquility, a good book and a cup of tea. My daughter telling me I am her best friend. Security and a good nights kip.

So here goes I shall document my sadly enforced frugality. ( I felt  so much more smug  and  virtuous when it was a choice ).

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  1. Just came across your blog. I can really relate to your first blog, your ideas are very much the same as mine. I took the plunge myself last month, had read blogs myself for ages and decided to do my own. Not too many followers yet but lots of pageviews!Good look, looking forward to reading more