Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pics NYE 1 Ochil Hills and Castle Campbell.


  1. Hogmanay went off well up here in the Outer Hebrides; loud fireworks just down the road at 1 o' clock this morning! Glad you are enjoying a bit of Scottishness. I'm sure you would enjoy the views here on the Isle of Lewis if you ever manage to get this far. If you do, be sure to post up in advance so I can invite you to partake of a wee strupak and a dram or two chez Albedo and meet the wife and MIL.
    If I was female and had looked as young as you do at 40 I'd have been well chuffed...

    1. Why thank you kind sir!

      If we ever do get as far as the Outer Hebrides which if we get the bike on the road this summer and the weather is good we have plans for ullapool and its not too far on the cal mac lol

      We would love to explore Lewis! Yes I am of mixed race lol Mother was a lowlander from the south west lol

      HNY to you and yours. I will be burns nighting next being of lowland ayrshire stock!