Thursday, 27 December 2012

Next year's xmas

What I will do

  • start earlier making cards and gift tags with the weeny
  • make pine cone decorations with weeny
  • if I acquire a sewing machine this year via freecycle i will make xmas bunting from scraps. its very pretty
  • make fewer vegs on xmas day
  • buy a supermarket free range chicken- butchers too big and expensive and we don't do turkey
  • do not buy any sweets or choc for weeny bar a selection box. She gets so many as it is.
  • ask Biggles for a list
  • limit Biggles to a set amount of money he can spend.
  • make a door wreath and other indoor items from woodland detritus. Never got the chance this year
  • force Biggles to give me a list of what he would like
  • take weeny to evening mass. I have issue at present with RC and others due to having many gay friends and cannot bear to listen to sermons on topic of gay marriage.
  • make individual pavlovas as we are greedy buggers

What I will do the same:
  • record all programmes and films Weeny will love. This has been ace as the tv is pants and weather rubbish
  • buy crafty doing presents and a game for weeny. Been nice doing arty things with her.
  • Re- gift. Controversial to some but useful. I have two boxes of posh chocs lined up for birthdays, one smellies set, one scarf, one stamp set - weeny got two. As well as two bags -peppa pig and dora the explora, a felt scene toy, art activity and barbie doll.
  • Buy booze for people. Always appreciated if they are drinkers
  • Save all ribbons and cars for next years card and tag making.

What has annoyed me this xmas:
Not a lot at all!  Apart from the general OTT, lets forget the true meaning of the season etc etc Though weenys other family insist on buying large expensive slushy cards and always buy a new super large gift bag every year. It is invariably broken and can ony be thrown in teh recycling bin. Buy a bloody re useable santa sack. They have 4/5 grand kids so imagine the waste and the easte of money! I feel this is a waste of money and poor show for the environment but its their cash and they are idiots.  Also small kids sending christmas cards tpo each other - Rip off! Why parents indulge this I do not know!

I have to do christmas but will one day get my dog and cottage in the lakes, /holiday to cambodia and vietnam, Australia when the dual nationality sibling returns... this is how I woudl really like to spend Christmas.... avoid it lol but the Santa years are few and far between and to not indulge her would be very cruel me thinks.


  1. Hello there!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Hurrah for not being too annoyed this Christmas!!
    I wasn't either! Mind you, I barely recognise it, being a bah humbug kinda person.I reckon if I had kids I might enjoy it more, but I don't.Its just too hot here to really get the Chrissy spirit going!
    So weet you call your girl Weeny; Ween is my nickname for my best friend!!!

    1. Yes lol I am not a true Christmas fan! I am a fan due to the kid thing! There are only so many Santa years and I am obliged to indulge. To not to would be cruel. BC before child I spent as many Christmasses as possible away from it all! Preferably somewhere hot and islamic!
      One year I managed prague which was European Chrimbo and low key. Trains still run, shops are open, religious but not so OTT. Went to the opera on Christmas day.

      My preferance is South East Asia for Christmas. Nothing wrong with drinking white wine in the sun ( Tim Minchen stylee) and eating pavlova...... sigh one day....
      Take care and thanks for dropping by as well.
      I am training the kid to wear well. Her lastest pref and chrimbo pressie was shocking pink tutu and boxer style patterned baseball boots. Ace christmas day wear!