Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday ...Morrissey and a resplendant Team GB!!!

Today we trotted off to Newcastle - I had an appointment but afterwards we took in the free Discovery Museum. It started to rain so after a mooch at the motorbikes on Westgate Road we stocked up at Tescos. I managed to snaffle a black lace top for £1 in the chazz shop.

We plan to go to the cinema tomorrow - its cheap day Tuesday.  Biggles takes deliery of his fixed bike to morrow so once he has checked it out we can decide if we are off for a night or two with the tent via Clackmannanshire.

We are loving the Olympics. Fantastic - I loved the Ennis, Farrah and Ginger Greg wins on Saturday night.  What a celebration of modern Britain - A Ginger chap, a black man called Mohamed and a mixed race woman all winning Gold -  celebrating the best of all that is Britain! One in the eye for the racists of the world including the EDL, Nick Griffin, The whinging Daily Mail and that MP Adrian  Burley and all the other prejudiced whiners out there!

Oh and that Mr Morrisey can STFU. How dare he whinge on about people feeling the pinch.. I don't think he is in any position to feel the pinch of the austerity measures and I for one who has been royally f*cked by austerity measures and hit by the double snake of redundancy and a pitiful house price market and negative equity, am loving it!

Morrisey go boil your maudlin  whinging head!


  1. I think Morrisey needs to lighten up, he is not exactly short of a few quid x

  2. Couldn't agree more about what a diverse country we are and how proud I am, not only to be British, but of all the athletes and the hard work each of them has put in.

    X x