Sunday, 19 August 2012

A quick squizz down town...C word used!

We got some fresh air and used Biggles loyalty points in Costa for free coffee. One of the Charity shops is now open on a Sunday. And right at the back is the reduced rail or rather rails. I bagged two new tops for work for 3.50.  Both reduced from silly prices so common in the chazz shop today.

Also for Christmas were some early learning art thing sets at £4 each - brand new. One is for a wee boys birthday and the other to squirrel for Christmas for Weeny.

Bargain! I put a £10 limit on all birthday pressies including card/wrapping etc. I have wrapping in the house suitable for a boy and will purchase a card cheaply for under a £1. Prob get two for 1 as I for see another birthday in December for a girl. I have pressies for her already. Weeny got the same gift twice which will be recycled with a felt puzzle thing. So Boys birthday £4.50 and Girls Birthday 3.50.

I don't go to all of them as I just couldn't afford it. Weenys birthday this year will be a small affair with choice friends and not the all encompassing class birthday which seems so popular.

Ooops just remembered another one - Boy in December. Well may just give him the other early learning pressie if we get an invite.

Have £36 in survey vouchers saved up.

We are well on the way for Weeny's Christmas. Just need to sort out the trampoline big pressie.
I am limiting everyone else ( approx 10) to £10 each. Biggles and I are just doing small as well one off £20 max.

I have Ebay to do and maybe a booty so that's some more of the expense covered.

Bluddy Bugger and poo I 'ates christmas I doo. The grub is cool though but we never spend much over our normal budget so tis very much dooable.


  1. Find yourself a card factory. I love that shop and I'm seeing several around different towns now.

    They do 5 hand made cards for £1 (like you see in Marks n Spencer for £4 each.
    Or more basic but VERY cute cards 7 for £1!
    I've brought £2's worth and it's done all my birthdays, thank you's and anniversarys for the year!!!

  2. I've bought some C*****mas presents too - from the carboot sale! I found some Hornsea plates in the pattern that my daughter collects and a book that she loved when she was little. I've made my list of what I have to buy/make and have started to sort out fabric and wool ready for crafting, as most presents will be homemade. My list is small, which is fab!

  3. OOO Yes a card factory ! Our local one closed down but will pop in when I see one next.

    I try not to do Christmas cards. I have a few stashed from last year. I didn't buy any in the sales this year :-(

    A small list is always good!!! We siblings only indulge the kids these days the kids are turning into adults so any day now its reduction time! Sorry to be a scrooge but when do you say enough! I stop at 21.

  4. My 21yo Combat Engineer son looks for his Christmas and Easter Kinder Egg, you know thre really huge ones? Yup, this year, I have to get pictures for the guys in his unit.

    I truly am an evil mother.

  5. I also recommend card factory. I had lots of cards to buy last week, got 7 for £1 a fancy anniversary card for hubby, ruby wedding card and 2 other birthday cards which came to £3.50. If I'd gone to Hallmark I wouldn't have had any change from £20.

  6. Sniggering at the Kinder egg photographs... I posted the Horrible Histories RAF Boyband skit on Biggles Facebook. Love it and military humour is lots of fun and its all taken very well... mostly of course.

    I think I need to scoop a few cards up from Card factory seems a bargain too good to miss.

    Yes Hallmark is a rip off.. so over priced! Need a loan to buy christmas cards there.