Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bloody Hell its only Wensda!

It is warm. Very warm but not sunny which is pish!

It is only Wednesday.  I still have to wait six days till pay day. This is not good given that it is only Wednesday, and I am penniless. Ok apart form saves bu t I shall not use them!

I am getting fat. I caught a glimpse of the derriere in the bethroom mirror and it is gettig very comfortable with wobbly bits.

My mission should I choose to accept it is to get down to ten stone. Preferably 9:12. Though ten will do!

The Fridays return to me next month and I shall endeavour to do active things. I also need to curb the foodage- quantities and qualities.

Curtains still ace. And Approved food delivering today!


  1. Borrow a dog and walk! I'm down 10 pounds and a uniform size since April. Not the fastest weight loss but I've toned up at the same time. People think I"ve lost around 20 lbs (I wish) but it seems to have modstly come of the abdomen whic is great.

    And the dog loves me!

  2. Oh yes the abdomen ! I put weight on around there now. Never used to - Always went on the butt! We are walking when we can - at least once a week. I have a house to re jiggle so that I can get the treadmill out. Also when the studnets come back I will have my Zumba class and the gym. Will aim for at least four session of excercise a week. made up of various activities. probabkly not much more than 40 mins due to time constraints. I really need to start making lighter food as well lol. Too heavy on the cheese and white sauces and roast things.. Naughty but nice.

    10 lbs - good going!!! We would love a dog!