Monday, 21 May 2012

Back to work after a weeks confinement with Mrs Scratchit who is now de poxed. Missed her loads and loads. Sigh.

There will be an autopsy and post mortem for my cousin. My poor Uncle and Auntie are in limbo. All they want to do is see their little girl but have to wait. She should be in the chapple of rest by the end of the week.

My other dear chum has had her second IVF failure. They didn't even get to egg transfer.No viable eggs/embryos.  She is only 35. They have decided to call it a day. She needs, she feels, to move on. It has been 8 years. She is very sad but relieved at the closure as it has been a long hard fraught road.

We had an impromtu trip to the Smoke on Thursday. I returned Sunday. Biggles as a regular customer gets points and these points he cashes in for tickets for me to use to give him  break from travelling every so often. As Mrs Scratchit was well on her way to sans pox adn was 100% scabby pox we hopped on a train.  I had the time off so thought we may as well make the best of it. Its a very quick turn around if we go on Friday and come back Sunday.

Lovely time mooching around nappy valley in South London. My god the money that resides there!!!! The kids in designer kegs, the brunch mothers in cafes having coffee that costs the same as my electricity bill for a fortnight. Saying that I have some very very very well paid chums who can afford to live in central London to the tune of the best part of 2.5k rent per calendar month. Lovely people but a different world financially.  Saturday after a day playing in Coram Fields not far form Russell Square ( Sadly famous for the 7/7 bus bomb) we met up with Biggles for a chineese buffet and a mooch around Gerard Street. I kept saying Stowel Street - oops that would be Newcastle China Town. After feeding our faces ( only £10 per head and half price for weeny) we mooched to Trafalgar Square. Weeny sat for a very nice caracature from one of the portrain street artists near the National Gallery courtesy of Biggles before heading back  to Clapham. Oh and the huge ice cream he bought her.

Weeny loves her trips to the big smoke. We have a routine - day one spent in Clapham or rather on the common - feeding ducks and playing in park. Day two meet up with little buddy and mummy;s dear school chum in Russell Square.  Stay up late watching family film/DVD then back to park on Sunday. We always have Eggy bread - French toast to posh folk for Saturday breakfast. Weeny's choice.  Weeny sleeps in the living room on a double sofa bed but comes traisping through in the morning. We have to pretend not to hear her. before being jumped on. She stays up late and fo rsome reason sleeps late as well. At home we are up for swimming/school/family visits so its always an early one. It was 10am on Sunday - Biggles and I made the best of it. ;-)

The only bugger is the leaving of Biggles. She gets so much more upset than if we wave goodbye at the station. She howled and cried and had real tears then shrieked when he couldn't come to the train to wave us off. You need tickets to get past the barriers in Kings Cross. Biggles gets upset to the point of glassy eye ness when she is like this. Its rotten for them both. Makes us both think alot.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, your poor aunt and uncle.

    G?lad wee one s better too.

    X x

  2. Thank you. Wee one fightng fit again. Yes poor poor parents - at whatever age its so wrong to have to bury your child.


    and 25 should read 35.

  3. Your poor aunt and uncle- the need for a post mortem for my Dad was one of the things I found hardest to cope with.It's a very difficult time for all of you.You're in my thoughts.

  4. it must be so dreadfully awful for them all. thank you

  5. I have been away for a while and have missed reading your blog and have just read all the posts from a few weeks back. I am flabbergasted by some of the comments, I have seen 'Wean' write horrible comments on other people blogs, she must be a very mixed up women, I am surprised she has friends even if they do live in rooms ( they are probably in her imagination).
    Anyway what I really want to say is that im praying and wishing that you will get pregnant, im hoping it will happen when you least expect it and I will be so happy for all 3 of you. I had secondary infertility but did eventually get a second daughter, I later found out mine was caused by endometriosis and that has given me huge problems recently. it has been a crap year so far but it would truly make me so happy to read one day that you are pregnant. take care Chris xxx