Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January nearly over...........

We are now four!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I shall have to change weeny's name as she is no longer weeny! Maybe I can get away with it for a bit longer.... Bless.

She had a lovely birthday. Friend for tea on her actual birthday with homemade birthday cake, then another party at the local soft play for her chums. Not frugal at all really  but its her birthday and worth it. She got loads of pressies - many I have snuck away and will recycle for other birthday pressies for other other children. You do not need three of everything..... I have at least two more birthdays coming up so it will save me money!!!

My phone is knackered. The touch screen is not working.. I have till May before the contract ends!

I have I believe saved £200. I have probably tempted fate now!

Next month I need to pay off the gas fitter - Fifty odd quid and  start my cooker payments. So £100 out of the  paycheck.

We are off to London to visit Biggles next month. Though this does not need to be too expensive. We have a free ticket paid for by loyalty points ( Biggleses),  we shall stay in and eat and do all the free things and catch up with friends.  Travel around London will be the biggest expenditure when we are there.  Flask and bottles of juice. Might buy some pigeon feed in Trafalgar square....

Eeee am excited. I am going home lol. And though it is very metropolitan, busy etc it doesn't really change too much in essence still the polluted smokey old place it ever was. roads in the same place, shops might change but other than that.....

I have Herman sitting on my kitchen bench bubbling away. If anyone localish would like a portion of Herman to grown their own I am sure I could work something out.....

Herman is a sour dough friendship cake passed on around the world.....


  1. Hello, I've been following your blog for along time, I'm glad you're settling in and keeping optimistic -
    I've 'been there and done that' on my own too, but with 3 children so I know how hard it can be, I too had to relocate from a city to country town, but now I love it here and wouldn't go back.
    So keep up the good work, you're doing great, and keep posting !
    oooh I would lurve a slice of Herman please ? I make Kombucha tea, if you would like some starter for that (scoby) we could do a swap ?
    how do we do this ? how do I send my address privately ?

  2. Unfortunately you're not allowed to feed the pigeons in Trafalgar square anymore. They were causing hygiene problems. May I recommrnd going to nearby St. James' park and watching the pelicans being fed? They're huge and I think they're really quirky!! :D